About Us

Why Hire The Marron Alliance?

Our holistic approach equips professionals with what is needed to reach their full potential and to transform their careers and businesses. We have helped leaders and teams of all sizes accomplish great things. We are gifted at identifying strengths (and challenges), turning thoughts into action, and deriving clarity out of chaos.

Deeper Understanding. Dynamic Results.

We believe that deeper understanding leads to dynamic results. Our process includes first gaining clarity about your strengths, passions and current reality, and evoke your creativity in exploring future possibilities. We also address “weaknesses” by identifying those missing strengths you need to accomplish your vision. We then help create action plans to incorporate leadership practices that will either minimize the necessity of any missing strengths, or align with others who possess those strengths. Equipped with this deeper awareness and the action plans, we connect those strengths to results.

Power, Purpose, Persuasion

While our approach is tailored to each client, it has three core components:

  1. Strengths-based philosophy. Our focus is to help leaders (and their teams) tap into core inner strengths, while alerting them to any missing strengths or de-railers that sap their power. The key to success is providing specific, actionable Fearless Feedback and mastering the skills needed to become the best version of yourself: communications, leadership, conflict management, and emotional and gender intelligence.
  2. Clarity of Purpose and a Compelling Process. We help clients clarify their purpose, then provide a simple, clear process for achieving that purpose, by creating a Leadership/Coaching Map and Action Plan.
  3. Persuasive Practices for Transformation. We understand the essential balance of action and reflection. Without reflection, executives lose their chance to really learn from their experiences. Without specific action, executives fail to achieve the results they desire. People need both thinking and doing in order to persuade themselves that transformation is possible and sustainable. Our action/reflection tools result in breakthrough insights and performance, so that the coaching results are transformational, not simply transactional.