Leadership Reflections for Clarity during COVID-19

Lost in the Cloud of COVID-19?  As efforts to “flatten the curve” of the spread of COVID-19 intensify through “Stay at Home” orders, many are working from home (WFH). Or in my case, I should say Working From Cabin (WFC)!  As I write this, my husband and I are working remotely from our cabin in […]

Fearless Feedback: What’s in your Leadership Toolbox?

Do you have a Feedback tool in your Leadership toolbox? If not, I am excited to point you to our book, just launched on Amazon January 2019!  It’s entitled: Fearless Feedback: A Guide for Coaching Leaders (to see themselves more clearly and galvanize growth).  Why did I join together with six other Master Coaches to […]

Four Steps to Design a Year You’ll be Eager to Live

As a lawyer and a coach, annual goal-setting has almost always been a part of my routine. But that also became a problem. Soon my year end planning was so routine that my goals started sounding the same from year to year. Eat less, move more, achieve this, avoid that, grow my business, expand my relationships…

Leadership, Improv and Mindfulness: an oxymoron?

This question emerges when I open the email from Spirit Rock, an insight meditation center near San Francisco. Improv and Mindfulness? Hmmm – as a coach working with lawyers and leaders, I’m intrigued by how both these practices benefit my clients in high stress positions. I’m also curious about what the two have in common. […]