Client Testimonials

What Our Clients are Saying


“Kathleen’s coaching was transformational- streamlining, simplifying, letting go, living your passions…She thinks globally, yet plans strategically and practically…”–C. Collins, Executive Vice President, RBC

“Kathleen is insightful and highly intelligent, with the ability to truly focus on others, not only to probe and solve problems in detail, but to sincerely care about the rightness and authenticity of the outcome.” –Johanna Jones, SpectorSoft Corporation

“What I valued most was three things” (1) Communications opened up; (2) We had a better understanding of our Strengths and styles; (3) We implemented Systems and structure.” –DJohnston, VP, RBC


“Kathleen Marron is remarkable speaker.  She combines a serious message with humor and clarity.  It is a delight to listen to her as she brings an audience along with great stories and examples from her longstanding career as an attorney and coach. “ -JByrd, CEO, Creatrix, Inc.


“Because Kathleen was both intuitive and efficient, the coaching process was most effective ….  I felt she zeroed in on MY issues and tailored her skills to meet MY needs.” Trial attorney and mediator

“Kathleen was able to clarify our goals at our annual retreat.  She helped us envision what it means to go from a good law firm to a GREAT one by helping us identify our strengths and talents.  She made this process meaningful and enjoyable.” COO, law firm

“[Kathleen] helped me recognize the barriers I was facing, helped me break through [them] in a way that seemed natural, not forced.” Seasoned female attorney

Executive Coaching-Teams

“Attention to detail… Kathleen listens so well and can put it in context so the whole team understands each other.  She understands what people are feeling, and comes up with the words to help them communicate that.”–KSchmitz, RBC

“I valued your strengths-based coaching approach.  You provided clarity and focus to the team’s purpose.  You helped us to clarify, crystallize and be concise about the team’s strengths.” –CCollins, Executive Vice President, RBC

“From the coaching, we came away with more understanding of the team as a system… As a result of the coaching, …it took me to the next level as far as trust, commitment, and valuing the team.” –DJohnston, Vice President, RBC

“The strengths assessment was extremely helpful.  Exploring our strengths & weakness brought out the best from each of us. Enabling us to work more effectively together and develop systems that utilize our individual strengths and be aware of weaknesses making us work smarter and things run smoother.” –BPeterson, RBC

Executive Coaching-Individuals

“Two words that describe Kathleen as a coach: Creative, intuitive.  She synthesizes and reflects back.  She puts these insights together in a way that causes the client to question, learn and reflect.”  “She was insightful and comprehensive- holistic in her approach” –KSwan, Executive, JP Morgan

“You made it so easy to open up during our sessions. Confidence- builder is what comes to mind first. Your insightful ability to see a person’s natural and learned skills, and how to move forward around or through obstacles, definitely enhanced my level of confidence.” –KHammer, Wright Medical

Leadership & Group Coaching

“I think Kathleen did a great job with the group.  She understood the business of what we go through [as leaders], but I found she also has knowledge and experience of our industry [financial services] specifically.” –DHerman, 1stVice President, RBC

“Compared to other coaches we have had before, you were way more structured. You listened, you reflected on what we said, and could sense when there wasn’t resolution on something and could bring it up in a different way.” –DJohnston, Vice President, RBC


“I doubled my business after hiring Kathleen as a coach. She helped me identify the time wasters and … gave us a basis or process for evaluating new opportunities as they arose.” –CCollins, Executive Vice President, RBC

“The time when I coached…was my best year ever…; Life was good.  It was a good experience; I’m glad I did it.  Clearly the coaching helped me fine tune and focus; It was worth it to me to sound things out and figure out how to approach it [growing my business].” –DHerman, 1st Vice President, RBC

“Within the first year after coaching, we met all our goals.  We increased productivity, we increased revenues …and we brought in … more in assets (…almost double the increase we typically would bring in…).” –D Johnston, RBC


“I would absolutely recommend Kathleen to anyone facing a dilemma in their career.  She doesn’t have a script.  She listens …help(s) a client assess, and attend(s) to the issues presented.”–Female trial attorney, mediator

“After our sessions, I was able to interview for a position outside my field, with much more confidence then I thought I could have. The result was in my being hired with confidence that I was the right person for the job.” –KHammer, Wright Medical