Our Clients


When Should You Hire Us?

We help our clients—from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies—align their strengths and values with their career and business goals. Whether you are an individual executive who could benefit from a team approach; a leader who manages an office and leads a professional services practice; a senior executive managing multiple teams; or an organization seeking to strengthen gender diverse leadership and to advance and retain more women leaders; we would love to help you.

We are pleased to serve clients from a wide range of industries including: financial services, legal services, construction, health and medical science companies, accounting, hospitality, professional services, cable communications and non-profit boards.

Most of our clients have reached, or are anticipating, a palpable tipping point. Here are some examples of their questions:


  • I’m a leader, with great potential and drive, but now feel stuck. I’ve achieved success, but what got me here is not working to get me to the next level. How can I get there?
  • I have a vision of where I want to take my career, but just can’t seem to get there. How do I turn my stumbling blocks into stepping- stones?
  • I am finally an empty nester! But retirement is not in the cards… How do I “re-fire” rather than retire, when I seem to have lost the passion I once had? I still want to work, but is this all there is?
  • I am a candidate for promotion to one of several different positions, including possibly the CEO. How do I evaluate my options, within and outside the company? What are my strengths best suited for? What other factors should I consider in my career plan?
  • I had to off-ramp my career for a year, and now am on-ramping. I need some help sorting out my options and preparing for this transition.

Teams and Organizations

  • We just added a new member to our team. Roles are overlapping, systems are in disarray, and our purpose lacks clarity. How can we become a cohesive, high performing team?
  • We’ve formed what looks like a great team on paper, but… we are out of sync- we just don’t seem to be communicating well or working smoothly. Why not?
  • Our organization values diversity, but we have been challenged in retaining and advancing more women and people of color. In these tough economic times, we need a coach experienced in building gender diverse teams who can connect the results to the bottom line. How do we create a coaching culture that embraces diversity?
  • Our leadership team is all from the baby boomer generation, but our rising new hires are primarily from the Millennial generation. How do we build a team when we don’t seem to share the same perspectives and work ethic? or even speak the same language?

Lawyers in Leadership

  • I just made partner, now what? How can I develop my own leadership brand, strengthen my marketing skills and expand my clients, yet still have a life?!
  • How do we transition associates into partnership, when they have had little business or leadership experience?
  • How can we retain more women and attorneys of color so our firm can have an opportunity to advance them to partnership and leadership?
  • I have just been promoted to General Counsel after years of “being groomed” for this promotion by my mentor, the retiring General Counsel. After performing many of the duties of this position behind the scenes, how do I develop my own Leadership Brand?
  • I am the leader of the litigation department of a law firm. We just hired another attorney so I can focus on bringing in more clients. How do I integrate her into the already highly functioning team?
  • I have scheduled a retreat for the core management leadership team of our law firm. How should I structure the retreat so we can bond as a leadership team, but also come away with an action plan for the future?

Gender, Diversity and Leadership

  • As a woman lawyer, I have faced many challenges successfully, but need that competitive edge executive coaching could give me to get to the next level. How do I chart an ambitious, satisfying legal career, yet still have a life?
  • As a woman law firm partner, how do I lead authentically- do I need to lead like a man to succeed?
  • As a leader, I desire to increase the number of women in leadership positions. But in these tough economic times, I am having difficulty persuading my partners to hire an outside consultant to help us accomplish this goal. What now?
  • Our company prides itself on diversity, and has a highly gender diverse management team. But we have one department that is all male and has never had a woman in management. How we change that? How can we overcome resistance to it?
  • Our management team has only one-woman manager, although our client base and employees are over 50% female. I want to groom this woman to become the next department head, but she has significant leadership and communications obstacles in her path, and is resisting my offer to hire a coach for her. Help!