Leadership Consulting

We believe that truly great leaders are made, not born.  While certain people undoubtedly have the gift of leadership, even good leaders need exercise to strengthen their leadership in order to become great.  These leadership-strengthening practices are not a mystery.  They are often authentic behaviors and mindsets that, if not already known, can be learned.

Core Leadership Competencies. We help strengthen leaders, emerging leaders and leadership teams by providing them with the knowledge, skills and training they need to become great.  In these challenging economic times, leaders must develop resiliency- the ability to derive clarity from chaos, to transform challenges into opportunities.  But how?  What are the core competencies of leadership anyway?  There are over 600,000 titles of “leadership” books on Amazon alone.

In our Leadership Consulting services, we will share with you our research into the top five core competencies all leaders must master in order to succeed.  We then ask: How do these leadership principles apply to your strengths and business?  We help you articulate your own authentic Leadership Brand and compelling Vision.

In helping you create the Action Plan to achieve that Vision, we provide you with creative tools and practices designed to strengthen your leadership skills, and to overcome any obstacles in your path.  Think of them as your leadership “scales” or “exercises”.  As jazz great Miles Davis said “Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself”.

Transformational Leadership Teams. If you want system-wide leadership transformation, you need to start with the leaders.  We help you accelerate the changes needed by working confidentially with the leadership team first by (1) providing a framework on how to effect culture change, (2) identifying your unique leadership strengths and challenges as a team, and (3) helping you create a leadership strategy blueprint for transforming your team’s future leadership capacity.

Gender, Diversity and Leadership. In the area of gender diversity, one of our cornerstone tools we use for mastering gender intelligent leadership is The Gender Alliance®.  We use this proprietary, global coaching framework to equip women and men (and their teams) to lead with more gender intelligent styles and skills in four key areas.  Instead of relying upon only one perspective or theory, Kathleen Marron created the Gender Alliance® model based upon her extensive research and study of the field of gender differences in leadership, behavior, communications, and decision-making, as well as her own experiences as a leader, law partner, trial advocate and mediator.