Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“I see what’s possible when we recognize that we are one American family, all deserving of equal treatment.” President Barack Obama

In light of the tragic killing of George Floyd in our home city of Minneapolis as well as the Black Lives Matter movement across the country and the world, there has been increasing pressure on leaders to improve inclusion, equity and diversity within their organizations. The Marron Alliance (TMA) believes that powerful and mindful leadership requires racial justice, diversity, equity and inclusion to be core values.  This means that all leaders need be equipped to address racial justice, equity and inclusion, and to integrate those values in the way they lead, make decisions and act. 

The most effective executive coaching engagements and leadership programs look through a DEI lens, rather than simply including a standalone segment on implicit bias, race, culture, gender, or allyship. Making decisions, establishing processes and policies, building the right teams, serving customers — these are all examples where leaders need to be looking through a DEI lens in every aspect of their leadership.  TMA works closely with clients in ensuring DEI is a core component of any executive coaching engagement or leadership development program.

Since the beginning of our existence, The Marron Alliance has been committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion through our client engagements as well as our pro bono work and community involvement.  Kathleen Marron served twice as Co-Chair of MSBA Diversity Taskforce Focus Group Research, for which she received the MSBA President’s award in 2011. She also researched and assisted in creating the Best Practices Diversity Guide and Toolkit for the legal industry in Minnesota that detailed diversity-related best practices.  This was the precursor to what ultimately became the Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit the MSBA provides today. See https://www.mnbar.org/docs/default-source/diversity-msba/di-toolkit.pdf. In addition, Kathleen volunteers through Children’s Law Center representing children in the foster care system.  She also serves on the board of the YWCASP, whose mission is to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.