Fearless Feedback

I am elated to have co-authored: Fearless Feedback: A Guide for Coaching Leaders to See Themselves More Clearly and Galvanize Growth with a stellar group of master coaches. I believe that candid, constructive feedback, when well-done, is key to a leader’s professional growth. Yet feedback can be fraught with pitfalls, bias, and disruptive emotions that often impede real learning. We were led to write this book because there was little written about how to conduct such a stakeholder feedback process in an emotionally intelligent way. So, we created this integrated, practical 7-step framework, illustrated with vignettes to address the fears and disruptive emotions underlying the surface. Whether you are a seasoned coach, a novice, or a leader providing feedback inside organizations, this book provides the tools, tips, and templates needed for gathering and delivering feedback in an emotionally intelligent way. Learn more about Fearless Feedback here, and available for purchase at Amazon!

A Sampling of the Praise for Fearless Feedback

“So much in this book resonates with me. Brimming with nuggets of purposeful insight, these master coaches deliver a masterful feedback guidebook for both leaders and coaches.”
— Richard Leider, international best-selling author of The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags and Life Reimagined

“What an outstanding book you have written and what an important contribution to the field of coaching. The seven-step model is crystal clear, the cases are strong illustrations, and the templates will be sought after! Bravo to each and every one of you.”
— Dr. Pamela D. McLean, CEO of The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, Author of The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching

“Courageously developing others with caring and direct feedback is both challenging and critical in our hyperactive, driven world. Fearless Feedback gives you the comprehensive and pragmatic tools needed to navigate leadership roles with purpose, clarity, and conviction. A great leadership guide for us all!”
— Kevin Cashman, Global Leader, CEO & Executive Development at Korn Ferry, best-selling author of Leadership from the Inside Out and Pause Point

“A timely and urgently needed book for leadership coaches. It lays bare the essential practices for gathering and delivering meaningful stakeholder feedback to foster deep positive change within the system of relationships where the leader operates.”
— Redia Anderson, retired Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at BP, Executive Coach and Co-Author of Trailblazers: How Top Business Leaders Are Accelerating Results Through Inclusion and Diversity

“How many Master Coaches does it take to write a book that provides a comprehensive framework and illustration of the end-to-end process of collecting and delivering feedback to leaders? Seven, evidently! 360-degree feedback is (or should be) a staple in every coach’s tool kit. But until reading this book, I’d never seen such a clear step-by-step process of how to do it or a complete examination of all of the factors to consider. And that’s not even what I love most about it. 
“This book fully explores the critical importance of attuning and attending to the emotional experience of the leader being coached throughout the feedback process. The feedback process can be a minefield for any coach who doesn’t mindfully attend to the internal experience of their coachee. The authors have adroitly addressed specifically how to work with the emotions of leaders to avoid the hidden emotional land mines that can be obstacles to the feedback process.
“If you are gathering feedback for your leaders (and if you aren’t, you probably want to be), buy this book! It’ll walk you through the entire process, providing tips and techniques for how to make it all work to the leader’s benefit– and avoid the mines!”
— Alison Whitmire, President, EQ Learning in Action