Our Services

LEAP to the Next Level

We do many things well. We equip leaders and teams to maximize their strengths, facilitate crucial conversations, evoke creative role-playing and visioning, mediate conflict, and provide leadership training and development of individuals, teams and their organizations.  We offer these services one on one, in a team setting, workshops, retreats, or in keynote speeches and CLE’s.

At The Marron Alliance, we are so committed to your success, that if we don’t provide what you need, we will align you with someone else.

We provide these results through four types of services:  Executive Coaching, Leadership ConsultingPrograms and Keynotes (including workshops, retreats and CLE/CEU seminars for professionals) and Individual and Group Coaching Supervision.

The creative process: Creatrix™

One of the key tools in our creative process is Creatrix™.  We are certified in this innovative program, assessment tool and patented e-coaching process, designed to increase the capacity for innovation within individuals, teams and organizations.  We use it to help clients identify their current level of creativity and risk-taking, and enhance their innovation as needed.  For more information, click here.

Diversity: The Gender Alliance®

In the area of diversity, we have developed a proprietary framework for mastering gender-balanced leadership in the workplace: the Gender Alliance®. Kathleen Marron created the Gender Alliance™ model based  upon her extensive leadership experience as a master coach, trial advocate, board member, law firm partner, and mediator, as well as her research on behavior- and brain-based gender differences.  The Gender Alliance® is a valuable tool for increasing gender intelligence in the key areas impacting effectiveness as a leader.

Sample of some assessments we use:





  • FIRO-B
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
  • Myers Briggs Type Inventory
  • Strengthsfinders 2.0